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The Prospect Before Us
This Is England
Some Early History
British World Heritage Sites
In The Hedgerows
Albion's Woodlands
Three Forests Of England
The National Nature Reserves
Within This Village
Beneath Albion's Surface
The Albion River Hymn
Where Other Waters Flow
Albion's Railways
In This City
In This City: Some History
Lark Rise To Candleford
John Moore.1907-1967
Montague Rhodes James. 1862-1936
Along The Downs
Along The Pilgrims Way
A Canterbury Tale 1944
Albions' Music
Horse's Brawl
London Calling
Cinema Show
"Just Room For One Inside Sir..."
It's The Vicar!!
All Creatures Great and Small
The Prospect Before Us
Communications and Links

English Nature Magazine

From The Rising Up Of the Sun


British Agricultural History Society

the tune you hear:
Uncle Bernards/Jenny Lind
from the Albion Band album
The Prospect Before Us


dedicated to the spirit of
the English countryside
and its people 

the right to agricultural
a snippet, and an important one,
of English rural life
in the nineteenth century

Rescuing historic farm buildings
that are in danger of becoming
lost and reviving them with
ecological and organic
food businesses.
history, conservatiin
towards a future of self-sufficency
once more


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Built by the Institute of
Historical Research and the
History of Parliament Trust,
this is the pilot digital library of
British historical sources for
historians of Britain located
worldwide seeking access to,
and cross-searching of, an
interconnected range of
historical sources.

Local History

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