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The Albion River Hymn

Over The Tadpole Bridge


Well, not right at this moment, but we'll get there.
There are two arguments right off the top. They are, (1) The actual source of the Thames (you have a choice of two), (2) The origins of the name, "Thames", neither of which we are going indulge in, we have our opinions, but that is not the intention of this page. This is a journey, not only through place, but also through time, it's a journey through lives as well, we'll be touching on quite a few of those, for characters abound along this great river
The sources for this page are four in number, three books and a recording. The three books are, Time on the Thames by Eric de Mare, published in 1952 and republished in 1975. The Thames, by A.P. Herbert, published in 1966, and Sweet Thames Run Softly by Robert Gibbings, originally published in 1940. All are, as you can read, older books, but it was the sentiments and observations that attracted us to these particular books, so......
The album?.......Well once again, the body of work by that man of many parts comes to the forefront, we are refering to the incredible
Ashley Hutchings, of course, and the absolutely brilliant Albion River Hymn : A Celebration of the River Thames, conceived and written by A.H. and Mary Miller. It is invocative, joyous, celebratory. It flows, as the Thames flows, as stated earlier, through place and time
The Thames has always been, may it always be so...
Let us begin our journey, from the heartland of England, down to the sea..........but to quote Eric de Mare......

"On the river, hurry should still be regarded as mortal sin".

Goring Gap on Thames [click for larger image]


The Albion River Hymn


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