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British World Heritage Sites

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British World Heritage Sites
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Tower of London
Tower of London, a World Heritage Site.

 One can get a bit blase about historical sites, when one passes them by, every day, as Sam did, when he was living in London, England, he used to pass the famous Tower Of London every morning, without even a glance. Only at a distance, do we fully appreciate these things.With the sub heading of this page, we once again take are cue from the man himself, the talented Ashley Hutchings. It is the title of one of the best of the
Albion Band albums, and perfectly describes the theme of this page, history in front of our eyes. And so....let us begin our tour of these British World Heritage Sites and look at them with fresh eyes, hearts and souls, and wonder at their marvels.........

Castell Beaumaris/Beaumaris Castle
Castell Beaumaris/Beaumaris Castle: A World Heritage Site

This page constitutes yet another step along that wonderous path, that leads through the history of England, in particular, and the United Kingdom, in general. We still have many miles to cover, ad we hope that you stay with us for the whole journey. The journey is not just this site, but all of our websites, the links to which, you will find on the main page, here. There always seems some point on the said route when one page doesn't seem enough to explore a particular area, and that's how the number of our websites has grown, and will probably continue to grow. So much to see and learn, and so little time. Use that time wisely, many of our ancestors did, and thus the World Heritage Site Trust was formed, to keep the ideas alive, for us, today.

St. Augustine's Abbey: World Heritage Site

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the sites designated with a * have no photograph on the main  
World Heritage website, so we have found others that do have photographs, for you.



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