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This Is The BBC


The wireless and the telly, when things seemed just a wee bit simpler than they are now. We've all heard that before, haven't we?; and there is some truth to it. It was easier to see what was on the wireless and the telly, no goodness knows how many channels to choose from, there was only one, The BBC, in the case of television anyway, the wireless had The Light Programme, The Third Programme and The Home Service, each catering to a specific audience. The Light Programme was just that, it carried lighter fare, record request programmes, the news, programmes catering to men, women and children. The Third Programme was the so called classical music channel, and while there was alot of it, there was also serious discussions on the events and affairs of the day. The Home Service catered to what we think was a combination of the Light and Third Programmes. The Home Service carried radio documentaries, music, and news, and other fare'
On this page we'll attempt to examine as closely as space will allow,television programmes and the radio programmes, and somewhere on the page will be a link to a page on our Albion Heart website on Childrens Television.........Shall we begin?

Alexandra Palace Transmission Mast

Alexandra Palace

stories for children
of all ages

from the BBC

children watching Andy Pandy
Andy Pandy was guaranteed to keep the children quiet

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