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The Prospect Before Us
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Crayford Marsh

Presented by John Craven, Countryfile reports on the latest rural
and environmental stories. Sunday 11.30 am, BBC One

John Craven, Charlotte Smith and Adam Henson

Bats Head, Dorset, UK

protect or change public footpaths

You can e-mail the team at

Rural land use & the case for sustainable farming

Not just covering the wonderful BBC One  programme but
creating our very own country file as well. Picking at
random, places around England, that some of which 
we haven't yet visited, and meeting the people we haven't 
met yet, and, of course, linking you to the many great
nature related areas provided by the  BBC on their vast
and informative website, or should we say websites.
Nature, the environment, everyone talks about it, but
very few people actually do anything practical about
it. We've provided a link or two, to what some people
have done and are doing.One way you can do your
bit is to attract wildlife to your garden, if you have one,
there's a couple of links to help you choose the right
plants with which to do this

his incredible BBC tv series,
the places and the wildlife
with Bill Oddie
nature tales from all over Britain
and explore this BBC programme's
web area, there's lots to see
from north to south and all points
in between this programme takes
you on a journey of a lifetime,
with the BBC, of course.
some reviews of Countryfile
from the archives
from the BBC
factsheets and top tips
 from the BBC on
how to attract and help
out your favourite
wildlife creatures.
join the  people
who have already promised
to help preserve 
the British wild heritage.
the BBC comes
through again
our look at wildlife and nature
and our relationship to them
using as the basis two albums
by Ashley Hutchings.
The Wild Side of Town and
Human Nature, plus song titles
from The Albion River Hymn
the right plants can attract
interesting wildlife to
your garden, as this
website shows
Founded in 1946 by the
 artist and naturalist
 Sir Peter Scott (1909-1989)
WWT has 9
visitor centres around
the UK, where people
can get closer to
wetland birds and
enjoy spectacular
wetland landscapes.

Nature and Environment @ the BBC

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