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The Prospect Before Us
This Is England
Some Early History
British World Heritage Sites
In The Hedgerows
Albion's Woodlands
Three Forests Of England
The National Nature Reserves
Within This Village
Beneath Albion's Surface
The Albion River Hymn
Where Other Waters Flow
Albion's Railways
In This City
In This City: Some History
Lark Rise To Candleford
John Moore.1907-1967
Montague Rhodes James. 1862-1936
Along The Downs
Along The Pilgrims Way
A Canterbury Tale 1944
Albions' Music
Horse's Brawl
London Calling
Cinema Show
"Just Room For One Inside Sir..."
It's The Vicar!!
All Creatures Great and Small
The Prospect Before Us
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This Is Oxfordshire

This Green and Pleasant Land

The Prospect Before Us. the Albion Band

The inspiration for one of our personal looks at the fabric that is England, was inspired by the  
Albion Dance  Band . A visionary prospect and a beautifully crafted recording,
The Prospect Before Us , is a wonderful album it is too. That amazingly versatile human being Ashley Hutchings , has once more,pulled a rabbit out of the hat, so to speak, as he has, time and time again , and will do again. On this site, we'll be taking a look at The English at work and play, on land, underground, on the rivers, and at sea. The Heart of Oak that is England, is what, we hope, you'll find here. You can find us  via the link to our online group, just below this text, or go to the links page and see if we're in our chatroom, either way, we'd love to meet you.......Now, without further ado and as usual, we'll let the links and pictures speak for themselves.
Blessed Be

I'm here, all the year round.

A Dormouse

the music you heard:
as you entered:
The Hunt is Up
The Prospect Before Us
by the
Albion Dance Band.

English Heritage

English Nature

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